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Welcome to the homepage for Renegade Squadron, an established PvE and PvP guild originally on Sith Worm, but now located on the Corellian Run server.  We are a guild of mature, experienced gamers, ranging from our 20s to our 30s.

Our guild premise and unofficial motto is simple: have fun while playing the game.  That has a different meaning for different people.  For some that is clearing end-game content, for others that means being being the best at PvP, and yet still for others it could mean making the most credits, collecting all the pets in the game, leveling alts etc. We like to joke around with each other and have good spirited banter and fun while playing together. 

Whatever you like to do, our guild can help you get there.  Want to run raids?  We will find a team for you.  Want to PvP competitively?  We can put you with players who are some of the best on the server.  Join us and your SWTOR experience will benefit from it!  

Apply today!  Click "Join Guild" at the top of the site!
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Renegade Squadron makes the SWTOR forum Community Round-Up

Wanchope, Jun 28, 12 7:48 PM.
Looks like we somehow made it into the forums community round-up thread.  And yes, we are still looking for folks to fill out a second raid group!

1.3 is Due Out Tues! Augment kit info and more 1.3 changes

A'donna, Jun 23, 12 1:29 PM.

Hey everyone, PTS 1.3 Update 1 just arrived and here are some important changes that you might want to beware of.

Game Update 1.3: Augmentation System Guide

A'donna, Jun 21, 12 12:56 PM.

UPDATE 6/19/12: The latest update to the Public Test Server included some changes to the Augmentation system. Specifically, the crafting recipes for the MK-5 and MK-6 Augmentation Kits have been changed to additionally require some slicing components. The installation costs for some kits have been modified as well, most notably the cost for a MK-6 kit installation increasing from 25,000 credits to 30,000 credits each. It also appears that the issue with orange/moddable equipment not returning the components when being reverse engineered has been fixed. The guide has been updated to reflect these changes.

Server Transfers

A'donna, Jun 12, 12 3:18 PM.

In order to ensure a better player gameplay experience with Star Wars™: The Old Republic, we will be offering free character transfers (you can find out more information here) from select origin servers to pre-determined destination servers . Please refer to for full details, including a useful FAQ. These origin servers and their corresponding destination servers will be revealed on a regular, ongoing basis going forward.

Below you will find the initial list of origin servers and their destination servers. Be sure to check back here and on for the latest list of servers eligible for free character transfers.

June 12th, 2012

Origin Server --> Destination Server

Keller's Void --> Jedi Covenant
Hedarr Soongh --> The Fatman
Soresu --> The Harbinger
Rakata Mind Prison --> The Bastion
Stereb Cities --> The Jedi Tower
Eye of Ashlanae --> The Red Eclipse
Phateem Halls of Knowledge --> Mantle of the Force
The Restoration Zone --> Jar’Kai Sword
The Shadow Runner --> Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Mecrosa Order --> Darth Nihilus

Origin Server --> Destination Server

NA Server
The Courageous --> Canderous Ordo
Kath Hound --> The Ebon Hawk
Ven Zallow --> Jung Ma
Fa'athra --> Drooga's Pleasure Barge
Lord Ieldis --> Begeren Colony

European Server (German)
Zayne Carrick --> Vanjervalis Chain

European Server (English)
Shaltin Tunnels --> The Progenitor

European Server (French)
Kessel Run --> Battle Meditation

Renegade Squadron Downs Kephess!

Vandahar, May 11, 12 1:03 AM.
Renegade Squadron downs Warlord Kephess - Denova Normal!

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